KCM (MULTI) – gas station container

double-walled, petrol / diesel / heating oil / UREA

The KCM Multi tank container is designed for diesel, heating oil, gasoline and urea solution. He is a multifunctional, double-walled, cubic tank body with a sturdy ISO frame and an integrated platform for dispensers on the front. One equipment and two transfer niches are located to the left and right of the tank niche. The KCM is designed for Use as a gas station outside of buildings, By up to 4 chambers The KCM can be used flexibly for different media. The equipment niches are closed by doors.

Advantages of this system are:

  • Optimal transport dimensions for truck transport
  • High static strength and safety thanks to double-walled construction
  • Optimal space-content ratio through functional design
KCM (MULTI) - gas station container, outdoor installation
PropertyEnvironmentTransportSetting up the Box
E02 - Double-walledE12 - hazardous to groundwaterE19 - FlammableE11 - Chemical industryE03 - cleaned and transportableE08 - Outdoor use

E2 double-walled

E12 hazardous to groundwater

E19 Flash point >55°C

E11 Chemical industry

E3 cleaned and transportable

E8 outdoor use

KCM (MULTI) - gas station container, outdoor installation
ViewItem No.AuthorizationVolume 95%Total lengthTotal widthTotal heightWeightDownloadContact
KCM-404KCM-402Z-38.12 31234.70012.1922.4382.89610.550
KCM-404KCM-403Z-38.12 31234.70012.1922.4382.89610.700
KCM-404KCM-404Z-38.12 31234.70012.1922.4382.89610.850