KCD-FL – double-walled, flat storage tank container

Flat fuel storage tank container Double-walled for setting up machine containers on the tank roof in standard ISO width.

The double-walled, extra-flat steel fuel storage tank container for storing diesel fuel for supplying diesel generators is equipped with a heavy container frame that can accommodate a 20ft or 40ft machine container. This creates a space-saving overall system in which the diesel generator is located in the machine container directly on the extra-flat fuel storage tank container.

The KCD-FL offers a compact design of the entire system and enables quick system assembly on site. The service section with dome entry, connecting flanges with 2" sockets are arranged outside the container frame in a hood element. This is easy to install and service and makes planning the entire system easy. In addition to the hood element, a Krampitz fuel cleaning and care system (KRP) can be installed in the weather protection housing in the service section if necessary. Optional accessories can be installed here. The storage tank container is equipped with vacuum leak monitoring.

KCD-FL – double-walled, flat storage tank container
PropertyEnvironmentTransportSetting up the BoxVideo
E02 - Double-walledE12 - hazardous to groundwaterE10 - diesel/heating oilE03 - cleaned and transportableE08 - Outdoor useyoutube icon

E2 double-walled

E12 hazardous to groundwater

E10 diesel/heating oil

E3 cleaned and transportable

E8 outdoor use

ViewItem No.AuthorizationVolumeTotal lengthTotal widthTotal heightWeightDownloadContact
KCD-FLKCD-FL-20ft/500Z-38.12 3127.2167.0582.4381.2693.180
KCD-FLKCD-FL-20ft/750Z-38.12 31210.8237.0582.4381.5193.525
KCD-FLKCD-FL-20ft/1000Z-38.12 31214.6567.0582.4381.7693.879
KCD-FLKCD-FL-40ft/500Z-38.12 31213.71513.1922.4381.2695.636
KCD-FLKCD-FL-40ft/750Z-38.12 31220.57313.1922.4381.5196.142
KCD-FLKCD-FL-40ft/1000Z-38.12 31227.84213.1922.4381.7696.823