KTD-FAD – double-walled storage tank – outdoor installation in earthquake zones 1-3

The KTD-F is a double-walled storage tank made of heavy-duty steel and is used to store water-polluting media such as diesel, heating oil and gasoline. It is equipped with an approved vacuum leak detection system. The installation takes place on a flat, load-bearing surface. The KTD-F can be easily transported using a forklift or crane. The KTD-F comes with extensive basic equipment that enables immediate use.

Optional options include stainless steel versions, electric heating and a heating register for using process heat. The KTD-F is manufactured from steel S38.12 JR in accordance with the general building regulations approval Z-312-235 and must be equipped with a vacuum leak detector.

Advantages of this system are:

  • high static strength and double-walled construction
  • Newly designed floor assembly for fixing the foundation using adhesive anchors
  • Optimal space-content ratio thanks to cubic design
  • Seal the tank openings with a hood to protect against moisture and vandalism
KTD-FAD - double-walled storage tank, outdoor installation, steel S235JR, seismic zone 1-3
PropertyEnvironmentTransportSetting up the Box
E02 - Double-walledE12 - hazardous to groundwaterE19 - FlammableE03 - cleaned and transportableE23 - EarthquakeE08 - Outdoor use

E2 double-walled

E12 hazardous to groundwater

E19 Flash point >55°C

E3 cleaned and transportable

E23 Seismic Zones 1-3

E8 outdoor use

ViewItem No.AuthorizationVolumeTotal lengthTotal widthTotal heightWeightDownloadContact
lmmmmmmkg (approx.)PDFe-mail
KTD-FA-1-DZ-38.12 3121025101012201800700
KTD-FA-1.5-DZ-38.12 3121560152012201800850
KTD-FA-2.5-DZ-38.12 31225102020122020001110
KTD-FA-5-DZ-38.12 31251402020172024001490
KTD-FA-7-DZ-38.12 31269502020202024001770
KTD-FA-10-DZ-38.12 312102803030202024002430
KTD-FA-15-DKTD-FA-15-DZ-38.12 312139104030202024003059
KTD-FA-20-DZ-38.12 312190505530202024004279
KTD-FA-30-DZ-38.12 312278208030202024005348
KTD-FA-40-DZ-38.12 3123839011030202024007117