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Stackable storage tank containers


A large amount of space is required for storage tanks. This is a problem for many producers. Not enough space? - Then Krampitz has the solution: Stackable tank containers. This enables storage tank containers to be stacked two, three or even four times on top of eachother. Storage tank with a ... Read More
1. April 2022krampitz.de
filling stations with lightning protection


Safety Features Part 3 Lightning Protection All Krampitz tanks and tank containers for extremely flammable media have lightning rods that protect the tanks from a lightning strike.  This is important because a lightning strike can have devastating consequences. Without lightning protection, lightning can strike the container directly. Up to 100 million volts hit ... Read More
17. January 2022krampitz.de
Krampitz DIBt Zulassungen Info


Division of the Krampitz storage tank series into approvals Z-38.12-23 and Z38.12-312 Notice sheet: Restructuring of our previous DIBt approval Z-38.12-23 for double-walled steel storage tanks, as well as the presentation of our new DIBT approval Z-38.12-312 for double-walled steel storage tanks with and without ISO container frames for extreme as ... Read More
15. July 2020krampitz.de
Tankstellencontainer Accra – Train 40 ft (3)


Tank equipment and service stations for trains Tanks for Rail Vehicles We at Krampitz developed a multitude of special solutions for tank equipment of rail vehicles. Our constructions go far beyond the simple stocking of fuels. We offer comprehensive concepts for any application regarding trains and railway. The modular design of our ... Read More
21. February 2017krampitz.de