Single-walled day tank TTE-A

The TTE-A-DB serves as a day tank for the Supply of aggregates with fuel or lubricating oil. The TTE-A-DB is also referred to as a template tank. Due to its structure and features, it meets the requirements for use in emergency power systems in accordance with VDE 107/108. It is suitable for installation in buildings as well as in system containers.

The installation surface must be level, load-bearing and designed as a collecting tray. If there is no collection space available on site, a collection tray must be used. The cubic design of the TTE-A-DB guarantees optimal use of space. Special dimensions in length, width and height can be easily implemented. The only limits are the approval and transportability.

TTE-A, single-walled day tank, steel S235JR
PropertyEnvironmentTransportSetting up the Box3D viewVideo
E01 - Single wallE12 - hazardous to groundwaterE19 - FlammableE03 - cleaned and transportableE09 - Indoor useicon 3dyoutube icon

E1 single-walled

E12 hazardous to groundwater

Flash point >55°C

E3 cleaned and transportable

E9 interior use

3D view


TTE-A, single-walled day tank, steel S235JR
ViewItem No.AuthorizationVolumeTotal lengthTotal widthTotal heightWeightDownloadContact
TTE-100TTE-A-100-DBZ-38.11 8610055052553038
TTE-250TTE-A-250-DBZ-38.11 862501.30052553078
TTE-500TTE-A-500-DBZ-38.11 864701.550775530115
TTE-750TTE-A-750-DBZ-38.11 867301.550775780153
TTE-990TTE-A-990-DBZ-38.11 869802.050775780192
TTE-1500TTE-A-1500-DBZ-38.11 861.7902.0501.0001.030336
TTE-1950TTE-A-1950-DBZ-38.11 862.2602.0501.2501.030428