KTD-F-TI-EBZ – double-walled storage tank, Freeland, thermally insulated

The KTD-F-Ti is used for the storage of mineral oils, lubricating oils, aqueous hand solution or other media that may have problems with pour point and viscosity. Here the medium is kept flowing by using a tank heater. It is also approved for use in regions with earthquake zone 1. The KTD-F-Ti is manufactured according to the general building regulations approval Z-38.12-312.

The KTD-F-TI for storing heating oil, diesel, mineral oil, vegetable oil and media that need to be heated. The Freeland is designed for installation outside buildings or outdoors. The installation takes place on a flat, load-bearing concrete slab. The Freeland can be equipped with high-quality interior coatings and can be easily transported using a forklift or crane. The characteristic feature of the tank container is its double-walled, cubic structure and its high-quality thermal insulation.

Advantages of this system are:

  • Safety: high static strength
  • Double-walled construction with vacuum leak detector and thermal insulation
  • Storage capacity: optimal space-content ratio thanks to cubic design
  • Protected arrangement of the equipment in the double-walled tank body
  • Low investment costs: there is no need for an additional collecting tray, a stable surface is sufficient
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lmmmmmmkg (approx.)PDFe-mail
KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-50KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-50Z-38.12 31245.00012.0102.4202.4509.200
KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-50KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-60Z-38.12 31254.60012.0102.4202.9509.800
KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-50KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-75Z-38.12 31258.40012.0102.4202.45010.400
KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-50KTD-F-TI-EBZ1-96Z-38.12 31273.60015.0103.0202.45012.700