KTD – double-walled storage tank

The KTD is used to store heating oil, diesel, mineral oil (used fresh and lubricating oil) or other water-polluting liquids in accordance with the approval. It is also known as a storage tank. Its double-walled steel structure guarantees the highest safety standards. An additional collecting tray is not required. The cubic design guarantees optimal use of space. The KTD is suitable for installation in buildings as well as in system containers. The installation surface must be level and stable. The KTD can be easily transported using a forklift, pallet truck or crane.

KTD - double-walled storage tank
PropertyEnvironmentTransportSetting up the Box
icon E2 double-walledicon groundwater hazardous mediaE19 Flash point greater than 55°Cicon E7 highly flammableicon cleaned transportableicon indoor installationicon 3dyoutube icon

E2 double-walled

E12 hazardous to groundwater

Flash point >55°C

Flash point < 55 °C

E3 cleaned and transportable

E9 interior use

3D view

KTD - double-walled storage tank
ViewItem No.AuthorizationVolumeTotal lengthTotal widthTotal heightWeightDownloadContact
KTD-950KTD-950Z-38.12 239301.0007601.950450
KTD-1500KTD-1500Z-38.12 231.4401.5007601.950560
KTD-2000KTD-2000Z-38.12 231.9301.5001.0101.950680
KTD-2500KTD-2500Z-38.12 232.6402.0001.0101.950795
KTD-3000KTD-3000Z-38.12 233.3002.0001.2601.950920
KTD-4000KTD-4000Z-38.12 233.9502.0001.5101.9501.080
KTD-4500KTD-4500Z-38.12 234.7002.5001.5101.9501.180
KTD-6000KTD-6000Z-38.12 235.7003.0001.5301.9501.460
KTD-9000KTD-9000Z-38.12 238.9003.4002.0301.9501.840
KTD-10000KTD-10000Z-38.12 2310.0803.0002.0002.4501.850
KTD-12000KTD-12000Z-38.12 2311.8003.5002.0302.4502.280
KTD-15000KTD-15000Z-38.12 2313.6004.0002.0302.4502.490
KTD-20000KTD-20000Z-38.12 2318.7005.5002.0302.4503.460
KTD-25000KTD-25000Z-38.12 2323.8007.0002.0302.4504.200
KTD-30000KTD-30000Z-38.12 2327.4008.0002.0302.4504.750
KTD-40000KTD-40000Z-38.12 2343.60010.5002.4302.4506.800
KTD-50000KTD-50000Z-38.12 2349.90012.0002.4302.4507.600