Krampitz presented autonomous station container to Automechanika 2012


Krampitz presented autonomous station container to Automechanika 2012

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Today, industrial tanks have to satisfy a wealth of high standards. They have to be functional, versatile, and robust while at the same time offer high level of safety. This is why an ever-increasing number of companies put their trust in the innovative container solutions offered by Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH. Based in Lower Saxony, this worldwide operating family business is a specialised developer and manufacturer of transport and storage tank systems for a wide range of fuels and lubricants. Krampitz containers are characterized by their sophisticated design and have all the necessary national and international approvals. Recently, the company once again proved its commitment to innovation by introducing the first solar-powered mobile filling station at the 2012 Automechanika trade fair.

blankFriedemann Krampitz set up his company in Dahlenburg in the county of Lüneburg in 1998, with the objective of building modular container systems for power plants, generator systems, and the mining industry. Since 1999, the company has been continually extending its product programme, adding storage and transport tanks manufactured from high-grade steel for use in extreme conditions to the portfolio. These tanks are mainly employed in the storage and transportation of industrial fuels and lubricants such as petrol, diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, oil, heating oil, ethanol, and bioethanol as well as canola oil and other plant oils. A characteristic feature of the company’s tanks is their patented cubic design, which, compared to conventional round-shaped tanks, ensures optimum utilisation of space and decreases transportation costs. Furthermore, the rectangular containers can be better integrated into existing plants and infrastructures. Moreover, there is the option of installing petrol pumps, power generators, filter systems, and electrical controls. “Our tank and container systems are certified in accordance with all national and international regulations. No other European company in our industry can boast more product certifications,” Friedemann Krampitz, Head of Research and Development, explains in our interview. “Currently, there are more than 22,000 Krampitz tank units in operation all over the world, and we produce about 3,000 new systems every year.”

The extensive portfolio of tank systems for use in power plants, the machinery and motor engineering industry, as well as the mining industry leaves nothing to be desired. “With our ‘BASIS’, ‘MINOTAUR’, ‘OPTIMAL’, and ‘EQUIPMENT’ product brands, we cover the entire spectrum of industrial tanks with volumes ranging from one hundred to one million litres,” says Friedemann Krampitz, describing the market leader’s product assortment. “Either single-walled, double-walled, and/or thermo insulated – our one-day, storage, and transport tanks and tank stations stand for quality, functionality, and safety and enjoy the trust of discerning customers around the world.” The company serves, among others, Alstom, Esso, F.G. Wilson, MTU, Jenbacher, MWM, Siemens, Shell, Zeppelin-Caterpillar, AKO, Statoil, Finning, Frerk Aggregatebau, SAB Hamburg, and Wärtsilä. “We serve about 250 customers,” says our interview partner. “30% of our products are exported to foreign enterprises mainly in the Arabic region as well as in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Scandinavia, Austria, Hungary, and in the Balkan states.” Krampitz tanks and containers are designed for the specific climatic conditions in the respective countries, and the comprehensive approval programme guarantees the customer that all products are state of the art at any time.

The tanks and containers that are created by Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH using the latest design, development, and production technologies are a worthwhile investment for the future. All systems are processed to the highest quality level, meet or exceed all safety requirements, can be easily operated, and take up less space due to their design. Moreover, the transport and storage tanks offer a number of advantages when it comes to their installation. Complete systems, for example, are delivered in single, pre-assembled modules that can be assembled quickly on-site by means of precisely defined interfaces. By processing exclusively robust materials, the company can guarantee a long service life with its products. The pricing is also a convincing factor: thanks to the module principle with standardised equipment, Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH is able to offer its quality products at considerably reduced prices when compared to many of its competitors. Friedemann Krampitz: “We always have about 1,000 different products in stock. Thus, we can quickly respond to customer enquiries at all times.”

blankKrampitz Tanksystem GmbH has been setting standards in industry for many years. With its latest innovation, a solar-powered mobile filling station, the company attracted the attention of visitors at the 2012 Automechanika trade fair. As a stand-alone tank system for supplying vehicles, machines, boats, etc. with fuel, it offers a performance of 2 x 3.8 kW and is operated without being connected to the mains power supply. The complete filling station unit can be installed anywhere within 6.5 hours, whereas it takes up to three months to install conventional systems. “At this year’s Automechanika exhibition, we registered 15 advance orders for our new system, a system that can also be used for modifying existing filling stations,” as Friedemann Krampitz emphasises. “Now we are looking for additional distributors around the world.” The company has many ambitious plans for the future. For example, it wants to grant international licences for its product solutions in the coming two to three years. “In addition, we will be expanding our product portfolio through new innovations and press ahead with global expansion,” closes Friedemann Krampitz. “We expect further growth in particular in the BRIC-countries, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, and China.”

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Our interview partner Friedemann Krampitz, founder and Head of Research and Development of Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH

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A solar-powered mobile filling station that does not require a mains connection is one of the latest Krampitz innovations

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