Bulk plant / Tank farm

MINOTAUR® Large storage tank container as bulk plant

Large storage tank container for use as a tank farm

The innovative solutions of the container Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH guarantees the highest level of security and are also functional, versatile and robust. They act as mobile gas station, large storage tank, tank farm / bulk plant and transport tanks for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, bioethanol, biodiesel and vegetable oil. The large tank and container systems have extensive product certifications in the national and international level and have proven themselves for years in use worldwide.

Tank farm small

The standard series can be used either as a complete gas station for car truck and diesel locomotives or for boats and yachts. Even upgrading to a gas station airfield for light aircraft and helicopters is possible. Besides these standard versions, there are also special models, which are integrated as needed filters, pumps and metering systems. By welding additional partitions into the tanks highly complex system modules can be produced.

Tank farm battery

Thanks to their characteristic cubic shape offer the large tanks and storage containers an optimal ratio of space and content. Every corner of the installation can be ideally used and no space is lost. Through the ISO-compliant Dimensions of the tanks the transport by road, rail or ship is straightforward and cost-effective manner. By default, integrated ISO container corners, a locking and unloading by crane is easily possible. Thus, for example tank depot shipped to Africa and will be brought to the fireground from the port of destination by truck.

Filling station and bulk plant / tank farm for mining

Many locations are unwegigen in regions where there are no paved roads.
Therefore, special tankers and container units have been developed which are used for example in the mining industry in Africa. These mining areas are often accessible only by dirt tracks, is where to find any installed Filling Station. In addition, the distances would be much too long to fill the fuel tanks of the construction supply by conventional vehicles. Thus, mobile service stations are also used in Africa to facilitate the supply in the mining regions. Because the construction site quickly reach the gas station could penetrate as a vehicle to supply the equipment. Can also be stored as can distribute a tanker.

However, it is more than just a gas-station in mining needed to supply the huge mining vehicles with fuel. This offers the possibility to connect the tank container together and build such a tank farm with, for example, 2,000,000 liters. Thus, a sufficient supply of each tank and the connected stations because vehicles are guaranteed locally.

Another advantage in the use of petrol stations and storage containers resulting from their reusability. They can be implemented easily and quickly in an emptied state and are always where they are needed. This results in a significant cost savings and also is in this way avoided from the outset that residues remain in temporary locations, from which an environmental hazard could arise afterwards.